Do Not Fall Victim to Recruitment Fraud

Sapura Energy (“The Group” or “Company”) has been made aware of individuals or organisations that impersonates and/or falsely use Sapura Energy’s name or the Company employee’s identity in an attempt to recruit on behalf of The Group.

Jobseekers and/or the members of the public are engaged through various communication formats such as but not limited to social media, e-mail, text messages and others offering employment opportunities with Sapura Energy.

Often these communications look legitimate by falsely impersonating actual Sapura Energy employees and will include details of employment such as job description, employment benefits, and salary while soliciting upfront fees obtaining personal information for vacancies within Sapura Energy from interested jobseekers and/or the members of the public. You may be also referred to an organisation that requests fees to process the employment documents.

Sapura Energy reminds jobseekers and members of the public to be vigilant to fraudulent activities should you receive a communication or e-mail regarding potential employment, or an invitation to submit applications to a public email address, supposedly from Sapura Energy.

Here are some brief guidelines to prevent falling victim to these scams:

1. Sapura Energy’s official website always include the domain address Any other address is not genuine.

2. Ensure the legitimacy of postings on digital platforms.

Any recruitment posting from Sapura Energy will be posted at the following locations

3. Insist email from verified email address.

Email communication from Sapura Energy will be sent by the Company’s employee only using e-mail addresses

4. Request and verify

Request and verify the identity and the contact details of the person claiming to be Sapura Energy’s employee by insisting communication from address.

5. Insist all communication via official channels

All formal communications on behalf of Sapura Energy or its affiliates will only be sent or responded through an official email address which includes but not limited to interview invitation, document and/or information requests, offer letters, and others

  • Official domain addresses (only respond to these)
  • Example of scam domains (do not respond to such domain)

However, occasionally Sapura Energy may engage and/or placement agencies to help us attract potential candidates for specific positions. You may verify their authenticity by emailing

6. Do not send money.

Sapura Energy or its appointed recruitment agencies WILL NOT REQUEST any fees, payments, or transfers from applications at any point of the recruitment process.

7. We do not conduct unsolicited job interviews.